In Search of the Prefect Watch

In 1953, the not-yet-Sir Edmund Hillary became the first man to summit Mount Everest; amazingly, he did so with a Rolex Precision on his wrist. This relentless pursuit of perfection would help influence the creation of Wardour & Brewer over 60 years later.

In the heart of Soho in 2014, I sat at the corner of Wardour and Brewer sipping a deliciously warm cup of coffee thinking of how elegant and classic the 1950s truly were. In that moment, as I watched people traverse up and down the street, I found I could turn my love of history and passion for beautiful, vintage fashion into something more.

Thus, the Wardour & Brewer was born.

Since that very moment I’ve been inspired to create beautiful, vintage watches that embody British heritage, but remain carefully crafted with flawless Swedish design. From tweed suits to jeans and a T-shirt, I want our watches to match how you feel on the inside, and what you wear on the outside.

Wardour & Brewer embraces the dignity, honour, and pride that comes with British heritage. Our dedication to distinguished watches is evidenced right down to our watch dials and the accent colour on our gift boxes.

The 50s were an amazing time for the world, and they offered us some of the most beautiful timepieces ever created. If you’re ready to embrace quality, vintage design, and functionality once again, look no further than a Wardour & Brewer watch that was inspired by distinguished, timeless craftsmanship.